The Townshend, Vermont Select Board meets regularly on the second and fourth Tuesday of a given month, starting at 6:00 PM.  Additional meetings may be held, if necessary. The public is invited to attend but if there is a particular issue that an individual wishes to discuss with them it is advisable that contact be made well in advance of a meeting with a request to be on the agenda and a brief synopsis of the issue before the meeting.

Most meetings are recorded by Brattleboro Community Television. Credit where credit is due. BCTV records many public meetings throughout the area and a visit to their website is worthwhile if you are interested in the full range of meetings they record (plus other events). If there is no video for a regular meeting it is normally because of a snow situation. Some special meeting recordings are Zoom recordings. These are identified with an asterisk, VIDEO* and are not as polished as the BCTV videos.

Only approved minutes are posted here. The BCTV videos of a meeting are normally posted only a few days after the meeting and are emailed out to people on the mailing list promptly upon receipt.

Please note that BCTV  also publishes a basic index of the meeting. This index is based on the agenda. If you are looking for a particular discussion point in the meeting, scroll down below the video where you will find their index. The index will give you the approximate time stamp for the item. This is not available on the Zoom videos.

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Townshend Gazebo With Security FenceOn June 27, 2023, in Executive Session, the Select Board discussed the condition of the gazebo that is (was) on the Townshend Common. After Executive Session, they voted to “close it down”. An emergency meeting was then held on June 29 to approve demolishing the Gazebo based on the fact that it was considered unsafe. Due to significant public outcry, for a variety of reasons, a second special meeting, properly warned, was held on July 5 so that townspeople would have a better opportunity to speak to the issue. At that meeting a committee was formed to explore all possible options for repair or replacement. Below are the meeting minutes from that committee for 2024. Additional minutes are on the Select Board page for 2023.

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In addition, as part of the discussion on what to do about the gazebo, the “ownership” of the Townshend Common was researched, descendants of the original family (owners) were contacted, and the common was deeded over to the town. The “Common Resolution” as passed by the Select Board is located here, and the Quit Claim Deed, or the property transfer as it might otherwise be called, is located here.

Townshend Town Common


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